“Why are you wearing glasses?” Because they match my shirt I spent the weekend in Cleveland at a family function, when the attention shifted to my non-prescription glasses. As I laid out my explanation, I realized I wouldn’t have to explain the stylish specs to my loyal Gnu Glasses readers. This point was further highlighted today when [...]


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“What’s in Kansas City?” Before heading on vacation, when I told people I was heading to Kansas City, the general question was “why”. My answer was simple: Food. There are few things in life that make happier than a good meal. Kansas City is known for having great food so I thought i would check it out. [...]


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I spent most of last week on vacation recovering from the disappointment of the Tough Mudder’s cancellation. I took refuge in a small Missouri town most people have never heard of. I intended to write a few blogs while there, but came to the conclusion working vacations are not real vacations. To “celebrate” my return, I’ve decided [...]


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Dear Mother Nature: Even though we’ve both seen this coming for a while, that doesn’t make this any easier. After 27 years together, I think it’s time we parted ways. The last decade has been pretty rough on our relationship. We stayed together for the kids, but they’re all grown now and there’s really no use pretending [...]


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paula deen-butter

I was shooting the breeze with an interviewee a few weeks ago when the subject of hometowns came up. When I told him I was originally from New Orleans, he was a little surprised. He told me would have never guessed I was from there because I didn’t have an accent. He then complimented me on not [...]


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