“Have you thought about trying to come in 1st place?” I was driving my aunt to the airport a few weeks ago in Cleveland when the topic of Scrabble came up. I mentioned that in my last tournament I’d finished fourth in my division when she asked if I ever thought about take home first prize. I [...]


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I’ve been MIA on the Scrabble circuit lately. I don’t frequent Scrabble club as often as I used to and prior to last weekend, it had been a year since I competed in a tournament .This isn’t to say I’ve given up on the game. I still play online religiously. It’s more convenient and less time consuming. [...]


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About a month ago, I received a call from an old friend inquiring about my well being. I had been missing in action for a few months and she just wanted to make sure I was ok and not on bath salts. It turns out my absence at the local Scrabble Club had been noticed and people [...]


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I spent most of last week on vacation recovering from the disappointment of the Tough Mudder’s cancellation. I took refuge in a small Missouri town most people have never heard of. I intended to write a few blogs while there, but came to the conclusion working vacations are not real vacations. To “celebrate” my return, I’ve decided [...]


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A Day with Nerds


Sometimes you just need to get away from everything. March was one of those months where I found myself scheduled to do something everyday. On the bright side, I was never bored. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a lot of quality   time with Matthew.   As a reward for my hard work, I treated myself to a day [...]


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