Tough Start


I was out having dinner with YoungBlood about a week ago when a complete stranger comes up to me and informs me that I should pick a new team. I was confused for a minute until I remembered I was wearing a Drew Brees T-shirt. Usually, badmouthing my favorite football team is a good way to get [...]


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Back to Work

sean payton do your job

September is here, which means football is back in full swing. I couldn’t be happier. 2012 has been no walk in the park for my New Orleans Saints. First, they were knocked out of the playoffs in heartbreaking fashion. I still blame myself. Not long afterwards, news broke of a bounty system. Apparently defensive players and coaches [...]


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Indy Ink


I’ve been thinking about tattoos a lot lately. I don’t have any ink right now, but that could change in the near future. I use to be firmly anti-tattoo, but I’ve been thinking it could give me some much needed edge. The problem  is trying to figure out what kind of tattoo I want. It would have [...]


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It Gets Better


 It’s been a couple days since “The Incident” and I find myself recovering pretty well. The next day I was pretty numb. I didn’t eat much and couldn’t muster up the courage to watch any football the next day. I was too numb to get upset when one of my new co-workers called me Michael. I just [...]


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  A month ago I agreed to help a family member move some stuff out of storage and drive it to Chicago. It would have been an all day affair. I wasn’t looking forward to it because I hate moving. However, I’m willing to make certain sacrifices for my family. I penciled the date into my calendar [...]


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I like to think of myself as the Drew Brees of Scrabble

 What’s the difference between casual Scrabble and competitive Scrabble? Casual Scrabble is like playing touch football with your friends on the weekend. The goal is to have a good time and enjoy each other’s company. Taking score is optional and hopefully no one takes things too seriously. It’s just a game, after all. Competitive Scrabble is like [...]


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