Week three of the bridge lesson went off without incident: nothing caught fire and no one died. I understood the game a little better but not enough to rid me of the feeling I was wasting my time. Week four proved to be the breaking point. I arrive at my usual time, have my dinner, and wait [...]


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I headed back to the city for my second week of bridge lessons unsure of what to expect. The first week had been mediocre at best. I met some decent people and ate great food while learning to play a new albeit complicated game. Sitting at a stop light about five minutes away my instructor’s house, I [...]


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About a year ago, I decided I needed a new hobby. New hobbies lead to new experiences, which usually lead to meeting new and interesting people. Being an adventurous person, I decided I would try just about anything. A friend of mine asked me if I had ever thought about playing bridge. I didn’t know much bridge, [...]


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