I’ve heard it said that the surest signs you’re getting old is that time moves REALLY fast. I must be getting old because I’m looking at my calendar it says August is almost here. It seems like only yesterday I was taking down my Cinco De Mayo decorations.  Since there are only about five months left in [...]


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 Some of you may be aware the Super Bowl is this week and taking place here in Indianapolis. Had my beloved Saints made it to the big game, I planned to spend every free second I had downtown soaking in the festivities and making every attempt to meet as many players as possible. I would have documented [...]


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  I was redecorating my apartment a few months back when I saw this really nice shelf at the local Bed, Bath & Beyond. It was one on those one row shelves that you mount on a wall.  I thought to myself: “man, this would look great on the wall over my couch. I could put up [...]


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Drunk Scrabble

 It’s  6:04 a.m. The alarm rings and he rolls out of bed. Today is the day Matthew had been waiting for. He would be competing in the Scrabble for Literacy tournament in Chicago, Illinois. It had been 364 days since his last competition. He didn’t fare so well that day and wanted to erase the bad taste [...]


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