I’ve reached a point in my life where people stop asking me what I want for Christmas. I get a few gifts here and there each year but nothing like when I was a kid. I’m pretty sure the best gifts I’ll get this year will be gift wrapped: From: Matthew To: Matthew On the off-chance I’m [...]


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 I have a bit of a problem. As you may have heard, Christmas is coming up pretty soon. As I mentioned earlier, I’m not big into buying gifts. I prefer to hand out gift cards or cash. Every once in a while, I’ll show up at a loved one’s door step on Christmas Eve, ring their doorbell, [...]


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 Thanksgiving has come and gone. Black Friday has passed without any deaths, though some Wal-mart shoppers made a few attempts. Now it’s full steam ahead to Christmas. Christmas is probably one of my favorite holidays, except for one glaring problem: the music. It’s not that I don’t like Christmas music. I just don’t enjoy hearing the same songs [...]


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