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“Ohhh…You’re one of those people.”

Usually when someone refers to me as one of “those people”, I get a little upset. Sometimes, though, I have to let it slide. I was having conversation with a friend about eye wear one day, when I admitted the frames I was wearing were not prescription. I was instantly pegged as one of “those” people: a poser who wears glasses to look cool and sophisticated.

While there might be some truth to that, I don’t need to rock spectacles to pull off the sophisticated look. It comes naturally. Truthfully, as much I enjoy wearing glasses I enjoy seeing other people in them more. I don’t know why. I may not always notice when someone gets a haircut or a new leg, but I always notice when someone walks by me with a new set of frames.

What does this have to with this site?

Not much, really. Gnu Glasses is where I come to tell stories. Most of them are humorous and hopefully entertaining. Gnu Glasses is about the random adventures of a Louisiana kid transplanted to Indiana and figuring out what life has to offer.




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