As you can probably tell from the name of this blog, I am a huge fan of glasses-eyeglasses in particular. Needless to say, when I was approached about helping a friend find a new pair I was stoked. My good friend D-Money had been sporting the same eyeglasses since high school and was looking to spice things up a bit. Being the eyeglass guru I am,  I happily accepted the challenge. Hummus tagged along as well to lend moral support.

Before we headed off on our Gnu adventure we decided to dine at one of my favorite childhood eateries: Church’s Chicken. Neither D-Money nor Hummus had ever been there and I thought it was time for them to cross it off their bucket list.

I don’t frequent Church’s Chicken much these days mainly because I try to avoid fried foods. It also doesn’t help that the nearest location is about fifteen miles away. As I mentioned a while back, you won’t find a Church’s in the suburbs. They usually exist on streets with pot holes and abandoned houses. The last time I was there, I saw a car on fire in the parking lot. If you don’t mind the scenery, Church’s is a great place to pick up a good meal at a reasonable price. You can get about 30 pieces of chicken for approximately a nickel.

Luckily, there were no vehicles engulfed in flames on this day. I asked D-Money and Hummus if they wanted to dine-in or hit the drive-thru. They decided to skip the indoor ambiance in favor of the drive-thru.  They also left the ordering to me. Over the loud speaker, the cashier took my order and D-Money wondered why  she was yelling at me. I explained to him that while it might have seemed like the young lady was a bit grumpy, that was just the was just the nature of her voice. It was very Samuel L. Jackson-esque.

We drove back to my apartment to enjoy the fruits of our labor. The chicken was just as I had remembered: crisp, juicy, with just right amount of grease. D-Money was pleased. Hummus, the pickiest eater of the bunch, eschewed the chicken in favor of the fried okra and honey butter biscuits. He may have been the first vegetarian to eat at Church’s.

After we finished dinner we moved on to dessert: the glasses. We went to the mall and headed to Lens Crafters. Here’s a fun fact: despite being freakishly anti-social, Hummus knows everyone. The odds of us going out and not seeing someone he knows are about the same as the odds of running into Justin Bieber at Wal-Mart or a meth lab. Less than five minutes into our search for new glasses, Hummus had found someone from his past.

As Hummus chatted it up with his old friend, D-Money and I went about the task at hand. He tried on about ten different frames while I took pictures. I also tried on a few pairs for myself and found my soul frames. They were a little too expensive, so I left them in the store. On a  related note, I  am now accepting donations for the Gnu Glasses New Glasses Foundation, an organization dedicated to providing underpaid bloggers with vanity non-prescriptions frames.

After leaving the LC (that’s what the cool kids call Lens Crafters), we searched around a few other spots in search of potential spectacles but didn’t have much luck. Here’s another fun fact: If you want to pick up frames from places like Sears or JC Penney you might want to get there before noon because apparently they don’t stay open very late. I had a very terse exchange with an associate at Sears who felt compelled to give me attitude about the fact that optical department was closed. I don’t mind taking a little guff from the folk’s at Church’s, but I’ll be damned if I take shit from someone who works at Sears.

We capped off the night by looking at frames on the internet. When I bought my most recent set of frames, I found them on a site called Coastal.com. D-Money and I browsed around the site and eventually found three pair of potential keepers. We printed them off to get feedback from the other members of the Gnu Crew.

As of this posting, the winning pair had not yet been chosen. However, once the winner is selected you’ll be the first to know.



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