Every day when I walk into the office, I have a routine: I clock in, chit chat with the co-workers, check my email, and  head to the break room. What’s in the break room, you ask? There’s the normal, everyday stuff you’d expect to find: coffee, water, chips, etc. However,  what really makes my heart smile is the giant bag of Veggie Straws that greet me every time.

I had never heard of Veggie Straws until about two months ago. Essentially, they are vegetable flavored potato sticks hollowed out in the shape of a straw. They come in exotic flavors like tomato, carrot, and snow peas. In addition to being tasty, they are slightly healthier than normal chips and can be used as an actual straw. Don’t ask me how I know.

I’ve developed a slight addiction to addiction to Veggie straws. I  usually get up  3 or 4 times a day to get my fix. One of the newer co-workers noticed me scarfing them down the other day and asked me how they tasted. I replied they tasted like Christmas. I may have have been overselling them, but she was definitely intrigued and glad she tried them.

In addition to being a healthy snack, Veggie straws can be used as musical instruments. I learned this from watching a YouTube clip on the Veggie Straw Face Book  fan page. The sound is a little rough, but it’s a lot better than most snack-based musical instruments. One of these days, I’m going to buy my own bag. I’ve found them in my local grocery store, but I’m a little afraid the bag won’t last more than one sitting. The last thing I need right now is snack-related guilt weighing me down. Maybe I’ll make them my celebratory meal after the mudder. Nothing says I’ve accomplished something special than inhaling a bag of processed vegetable-flavored potato sticks. Mmmm….success.



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