I spent most of last week on vacation recovering from the disappointment of the Tough Mudder’s cancellation. I took refuge in a small Missouri town most people have never heard of. I intended to write a few blogs while there, but came to the conclusion working vacations are not real vacations. To “celebrate” my return, I’ve decided [...]


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Dear Mother Nature: Even though we’ve both seen this coming for a while, that doesn’t make this any easier. After 27 years together, I think it’s time we parted ways. The last decade has been pretty rough on our relationship. We stayed together for the kids, but they’re all grown now and there’s really no use pretending [...]


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Costume Time?

tough mudder arctic enema

2 more days. I’ve been getting daily updates from the Tough Mudder folks offering last minute training tips. Yesterday’s tip: Take ice cold showers from now until event day to prepare for the arctic enema. The arctic enema requires one to jump into an ice cold bath and swim out. I hadn’t taken a cold shower since [...]


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Every day when I walk into the office, I have a routine: I clock in, chit chat with the co-workers, check my email, and  head to the break room. What’s in the break room, you ask? There’s the normal, everyday stuff you’d expect to find: coffee, water, chips, etc. However,  what really makes my heart smile is [...]


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Since I had to retire from words with friends, I’ve been trying my hand at a few different phone apps to kill time. While I’ll occasionally playing hanging with friend or dice with friends, the game I seem to play most often is Draw Something. Calling Draw Something  a game is probably not the most accurate description. [...]


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