June is fast approaching, which means the year is about half over. I had a little free time over the weekend and decided to revisit my New Year’s resolutions. So far, I’m doing pretty well. I haven’t crossed a lot of things off the list yet, but I’ve made plans to knock a few off the list in the next 30 days.

One resolution I crossed off the list is the one regarding Facebook. I set a goal of reaching a certain friend count by the end of the year. It was a superficial goal, but I figured it would be fun and force me to meet new people. While I’ve added a lot of friends lately I have discovered something even more fun: deleting people.

I decided to start deleting friends once I realized how many life updates I was getting from people I actively avoid in real life. A few months ago, I saw one of these Facebook pals in a bar and to put a menu in front of my face every time she walked by to avoid a conversation. Suffice it to say, she didn’t survive the friend purge. All told, I deleted close to 20% of my “friends” and  it wasn’t all that difficult.

The trailer park lesbian with the affinity for meth: Good Bye

The bipolar aspiring cosmetologist : Adios

The puppy of an old acquaintance…wait, why were we even friends?

When one of your Facebook friends is a four legged creature who posts status updates about scratching furniture, you know you’ve made some bad decisions. I thought about slashing my friend count even further but decided to hold off. Instead, I’ll make it a monthly chore.

Who knows? I may still reach the magic number, but I doubt it. If I do, I’ll make sure to do it with people I actually enjoy being around.



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