The Tough Mudder is now one month away. Had I written this post last week, I would have bragged about how I had dropped another 5 pounds and nearing peak physical condition. But in the last week I’ve been doing a lot a celebrating. In addition to celebrating a birthday, I’ve gone to a couple graduation parties and squeezed in a road trip to Chicago. In short, I’ve been a bad boy. Friday marked the first time in 7 days I had not eaten a slice of cake. I’m pretty sure if someone stabbed me right now I’d bleed butter cream frosting.

Instead of lamenting over a lost week, I’m giving myself a pass. What’s done is done. Now that the Mudder is officially on the horizon, I’ve officially sworn off junk food and throwing myself into training.

We are Now Entering Beast Mode here at GG.

I took a glance over at the Mudder’s web site today and noticed the specific obstacles for the event had been posted. In short, it promises to be as intense as anything I’ve done in a while. The prevailing thought as I clicked on each obstacle was the same: I really need to work on my forearms.

When it comes to glamour muscles, forearms usually get overlooked. However, they are pretty useful. I never paid much attention to my forearms until about last summer when I noticed a good friend of mine had freakishly large forearms. They were almost cartoonish.

I gave him a hard time about it, but in truth I was jealous. I had forearm envy. While it may be easier for me to buy long sleeved shirts, I’m pretty sure you could park a Prius on his forearms and he wouldn’t even notice.

I don’t need to have that kind of strength going into the Mudder, but it would be nice. I’ve been looking into forearm implants, but the cost and recovery time would be too much. I’ll just have to do it the old fashioned way.

Back to the gym I go…



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