With two months left until the Tough Mudder, I’ve reached a conclusion: I miss being fat.

Life was simpler. Between training for the Mudder and trying to drop weight for the competition at work, I’ve been doing a lot of sweating lately. Not cool

The worst part of the training is what it’s doing to my outlook on the holidays. While I haven’t taken in an Easter sermon in years, it is still one of favorite holidays. Why?

Peeps. There are two kinds of people in life: those who enjoy peeps and communists. In addition to peeps, I’m a big fan of the chocolate marshmallow eggs and I’ve been known to chow down on an Chocolate bunny in my time. For my money, Halloween has nothing on Easter in terms of candy.

Since no one buys me Easter candy anymore (I hate being an adult), I’ve made the day after Easter my own personal holiday. Why? Because that’s when the candy gets marked down to half off at retail stores. I thought about  canceling Day After Easter Candy Day, but I figured  I deserved some candy. I’ve lost about 10 pounds since the weight loss challenge began and have noticed myself getting faster and stronger. I wouldn’t have felt so bad about having a few peeps, if it weren’t for the fact that I spent my Easter Sunday gorging myself on Blue Bell Ice Cream.

For those who have never had the pleasure, Blue Bell makes the best ice cream on the face of the planet. No matter the flavor, it’s bound to taste like Christmas. Back in the day, I  would eat a pint everyday after school. It was heaven. Now, I mostly save it for special occasions.

I decided to celebrate an 8 mile run and a rare Sunday off with 2 scoops of banana nut bread ice cream. 2 scoops turned into 4 which turned into 6. Next thing I know, I’m shoving ice cream down my throat straight from the container. By the time I was done I had polished off about 75% of the half gallon container. I probably lost and gained 5 pounds that day.

To make up for my gluttony, I’ve kicked my training into high gear over the past week. Between running, racquetball, and gym visits, I’ve expended more energy over the past week than I have in a while. Maybe gluttony isn’t so bad after all.

The march towards SexyBack continues…



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