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I was shooting the breeze with an interviewee a few weeks ago when the subject of hometowns came up. When I told him I was originally from New Orleans, he was a little surprised. He told me would have never guessed I was from there because I didn’t have an accent. He then complimented me on not [...]


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With two months left until the Tough Mudder, I’ve reached a conclusion: I miss being fat. Life was simpler. Between training for the Mudder and trying to drop weight for the competition at work, I’ve been doing a lot of sweating lately. Not cool The worst part of the training is what it’s doing to my outlook [...]


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Bronze Gods


An Indian and a negro walk into a tanning salon… It might seem like the setup to a cheesy joke, but in reality it was just a scene from the latest Raymond/Hummus adventure. Growing up in the south in a predominantly  chocolate neighborhood, I was oblivious to the existence of tanning salons. I was pretty naive.I knew people [...]


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A Day with Nerds


Sometimes you just need to get away from everything. March was one of those months where I found myself scheduled to do something everyday. On the bright side, I was never bored. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a lot of quality   time with Matthew.   As a reward for my hard work, I treated myself to a day [...]


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