I’ve decided to add a new weekly feature here at GG called Gnu News. Gnu News will take a quick look at three stories that captured my attention. Since the primary focus of Gnu Glasses is humor, don’t expect pithy analysis of world events. Pop culture and random news only.  Here we go:

Adele Sweeps the Grammys- I don’t watch many award shows these days, but I always try to catch the Grammys. Sunday, British singer Adele won all the major awards and wowed many with her return to performing after a lengthy break due to vocal cord surgery. I’m torn. Part of me feels I shouldn’t like Adele’s because most of her songs are man hating in nature. Another part feels that her voice is so beautiful and soothing, that I might be willing to listen to her perform with burning crosses in the background.

Malachy wins the Westminster Dog Show- Speaking of things I shouldn’t admit, dog shows are one of my guilty pleasure. I didn’t watch this year’s dog show, but I am certain there had to be a better choice than Malachy, the four year old Pekingese that won. The dog is hideous. I’m not a fan of toy dogs in general, but Malachy is a special kind of ugly. Woof.

On a slightly related note, every time I watch a dog show it reminds of one my favorite movies, “Best in Show”.

Linsanity hits New York- Every few months a new athlete emerges and journalists rush to annoint him as the next big thing. Inevitably there is a need to create a “catchy” name. Such is the case with New York Knicks point guard Jeremy Lin. Lin is a Harvard grad and apparently the first Asian American basketball player to start in the NBA.  Some are convinced he’s only getting this attention because of  his ethnicity. None of that matters to me. What matters is I don’t have the kind of name that lends itself to cheesy marketing like Linsanity, Tebowmania, or Bieber Fever. My name is too generic. I may have to investigate a name change. Suggestions?



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