I’m getting back in the swing of things from a fitness standpoint. I fell off the wagon in October after I finished the marathon. I took a few weeks off to recover from blisters and mourn the loss of my favorite toenail. A couple weeks of inactivity were followed by a couple months intermittent gym visits and watching P90X videos from my couch. I was supposed to compete in A Tough Mudder event in March but it’s been pushed back to June. I’m not complaining. I now have four months to get back in fighting shape.

I’ve packed on a few pounds since the marathon. Nothing major, but enough to make me realize I need to lay off the Doritos for a while.

I’ve cleared the junk food out of my apartment and started eating healthier. I’ve forced myself to cut back on the free samples at work.  I was just beginning to congratulate on my return to healthy food choices when I got sidetracked by these evil bitches:

Girls Scouts.

I don’t have many weaknesses, but I am a glutton for cookies. I don’t eat a few and walk away. I usually tear into a box of thin mints like a lion feasting on a freshly killed zebra. It’s not pretty.

The worst part is that cookies are a gateway dessert. Cookies lead to ice cream which leads to all sorts of other bad decisions.

I’ve heard the first step to getting over an addiction is admitting you have a problem, which I’ve done. I think the second step is punching the problem in the face, but I’m not sure if I can get away assaulting a girl scout again. Because I work in an environment where the scouts will be camped out for the next two weeks, I’ll have to figure out a way to stay strong.

I’ve already bought one box, but that was only because I believe in supporting the troops. My goal is to avoid not buy more and save the calories for something a little healthier…like booze. Or maybe a zebra.



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