I love going to movies by myself. From what I’ve been told, this makes me weird. Luckily, I’ve found some people who agree. At thus , we have this week’s Gnu Reblog of the Week. Enjoy… 00   


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I’ve been working at the new gig for about a month now and have settled into a nice groove. I’ve made some friends and picked up a new nickname. In a few days, I’ll have my work published in a newspaper for the first time in years. All in all, it’s exciting stuff. However, in the course [...]


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Operation Sexy Back has begun. What exactly is Operation Sexy Back? Well…it’s simple. I mentioned the other day I was feeling sluggish thanks in  no small part to girl scout troop 666. The next few days, I hit the gym and was feeling a little better. I was on the road to recovery. Then I was approached [...]


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 I was going to write a Lent-themed post yesterday about the things I wanted to give up for forty days. I was then going to let my loyal readers decide which one I should pick. For those who are unaware (heathens), Lent starts the day after Mardi Gras and lasts until Easter Sunday. Or the Friday before [...]


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 For most people, today is just another Tuesday. However, for me and all my New Orleans friends, it’s Mardi Gras. I don’t get home sick often, but today’s one of those days. New Orleans is one of those towns that takes its partying seriously. Right now in the Crescent City, kids are off from school and most [...]


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Not too long ago, I mentioned I had landed a new writing gig. I promised my loyal followers that I would include them on details and possibly take them along for the ride. I wasn’t exactly sure how I would weave the new gig into my Gnu gig but I have finally figured it out. What is the new [...]


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I’ve decided to add a new weekly feature here at GG called Gnu News. Gnu News will take a quick look at three stories that captured my attention. Since the primary focus of Gnu Glasses is humor, don’t expect pithy analysis of world events. Pop culture and random news only.  Here we go: Adele Sweeps the Grammys- [...]


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I don’t usually “re-blog” other people’s writing, but I’ve decided to share this one from reasonablyludicrous.com. It may be a day late but still worth a read. Enjoy!! 00   


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girl scouts

I’m getting back in the swing of things from a fitness standpoint. I fell off the wagon in October after I finished the marathon. I took a few weeks off to recover from blisters and mourn the loss of my favorite toenail. A couple weeks of inactivity were followed by a couple months intermittent gym visits and [...]


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I’m thinking of retiring from Words with Friends. It’s not that I don’t enjoy the game, but I think it’s not serving its purpose. In theory, Words with friends is a simple game of Scrabble played via Facebook or smart phone. In reality, it gives my friends one more reason to hate me. Words with Friends doesn’t [...]


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