Some people are book smart while others are street smart. Then there are those who I refer to as trivia smart. They seem to be filled with all sorts of useless knowledge that only comes in handy while playing board games and watching game shows. I’d like to think of myself as a combination of all three, but I’m especially proud of my trivia smarts.

Much like street smarts, trivia smarts aren’t born. They are acquired through blood, sweat, and tears. I can’t tell you how many games hours of television I’ve had to watch or how many games of Trivial Pursuit I had to play to learn some of the stuff I know. Every once in a while, I find myself having a conversation with someone when I get asked the question: “Why do you know that?”

This leads me to goal number four. I want to try out for a game show. I don’t necessarily want to be on one: game show hosts freak me out. However, I do think it would be fun to see if I had what it takes to compete. Which shows would I like to try out for? Glad you asked. In no particular order, here they are:

“Who Wants to be a Millionaire?”

I don’t watch “Millionaire” much these days, but I used to love it when it first came on. It was new, exciting, and featured Regis Philbin. Regis has no discernable talent other than being a curmudgeon. Somehow he has turned that into a successful career. Impressive. The last time I watched “Millionaire” the rules had changed so much that it almost seemed like a different show. However, I still feel I could gain some street cred with a good showing.

Wheel of Fortune

 Wheel of Fortune is one of those games I watched a kid. I could usually solve the puzzle before most of the contestants and the people watching at home with me. It would seem like you’d need to be smart to be successful on “Wheel” but you don’t. My favorite moment’s on the show come when the puzzle’s answer is obvious to everyone except the contestant.  The audience thinks the contestant keeps spinning to earn more cash but in reality they are lost. The puzzle will look something like this:


The contestant spins, guesses “X”, the audience groans, and Vanna White looks at the player with a disapproving glare. When Vanna thinks you’re an idiot, it’s time to re-evaluate your life.



Jeopardy is the king of the game shows. The difficulty of the questions plus the smugness of Alex Trebek makes this my all-time favorite shows. Of all the game shows still on the air, this is the only one I still watch with any regularity. The only problem I would have going on Jeopardy is the Q&A portion where I’d need to talk to Trebek about myself. I don’t think I have any stories that are Trebek worthy. That could be a goal in and of itself



4 Responses to #4: And the Next Contestant Is…

  1. 1084 days ago by Sharon Rider

    How bout the price is right……

    • 1084 days ago by M. Williams

      I haven’t liked the Price is Right since Bob Barker left. It’s just not the same plus the only game I like is Plinko and I don’t get to choose which game to play

  2. 1083 days ago by Brandon Patton

    i got scattegories for xmas. just sayin. also curious about bezzerwizzer. although it might be bad for everyone around us if we played a trivia game. unless we joined forces.


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