When I have free time, I like to listen to old podcasts of an NPR show called “A Way with Words”. It’s a show where two word nerds take calls from listeners who have questions about the background of various words, phrases, etc. One day I was listening and a discussion came up about words or phrases that [...]


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   Some people are book smart while others are street smart. Then there are those who I refer to as trivia smart. They seem to be filled with all sorts of useless knowledge that only comes in handy while playing board games and watching game shows. I’d like to think of myself as a combination of all three, [...]


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  I’ve noticed whenever I mention to people that I never learned to ride a bike I get a look that’s a mixture of pity a sympathy. The only other time people look at me like that is when I tell them I was a Katrina refugee. It’s not that I didn’t have opportunities to learn, I just chose not to. Why? The [...]


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#6: Beard Time


Ever since I was a little boy I’ve wanted a beard. I remember sitting on the teeter-totter at school waiting patiently to grow man fur on my face. Eventually, I grew a moustache and a goatee, but I have yet to experience the joy that comes from sporting a full beard. Not even a 5 o’clock shadow.I [...]


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  I mentioned yesterday I had developed a reputation as a “yes” man, agreeing to pretty much any invitation sent my way. That hasn’t always been the case. For about 24 years, I was a “no” man.  Most requests were denied and I spent my time at home watching TV wondering why I didn’t have many friends. [...]


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 I’ve developed a bit of a reputation of as a “yes” man. More often than not when someone asks me to go somewhere or do something, I tend to say yes. About a month ago, a friend asked if I was interested in doing a tough mudder. At first, I was a little confused. I hadn’t heard [...]


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  I was redecorating my apartment a few months back when I saw this really nice shelf at the local Bed, Bath & Beyond. It was one on those one row shelves that you mount on a wall.  I thought to myself: “man, this would look great on the wall over my couch. I could put up [...]


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 I didn’t have a driver’s license until I was 21. I rationalized not having one the same way I rationalized not owning a gun: I didn’t think I was responsible enough to not kill someone if I had one. The truth was I hated driving. Or at least I thought I did. I’ve discover that driving a [...]


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The Name Game


 Every once in a while I find myself  using the website, urbandictionary.com. Typically I go there when I get a text or read a facebook post  that uses slang terms I don’t know. I went there to look up a word and discovered a fun way to waste time. Apparently, urban dictionary has definitions for people’s name.  Most names [...]


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 I have a bit of a problem. I’m currently working on making a list of New Year’s resolutions for 2012. Everything was going along fine until I started thinking about my Facebook account. I have a love/hate relationship with Facebook. On the one hand, I get to share my thoughts and humor with the world without putting [...]


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