NaBloWriMo Recap


 Today is the last day of November, which means it’s the last day of NaBloWriMo, the blog writing equivalent to NaNoWriMO. A quick look at the drop column on the left hand side of the screen shows I didn’t my target. I logged 14 posts (I counted one of the longer posts as two), well below my [...]


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 I was skimming the news the other day when I saw a story about this woman who killed her husband, then cooked him. It was an odd story, but it got me thinking about a topic I was fixated on as a kid: strange ways to die. I’m pretty sure most kids don’t spend lots of time thinking [...]


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 Thanksgiving has come and gone. Black Friday has passed without any deaths, though some Wal-mart shoppers made a few attempts. Now it’s full steam ahead to Christmas. Christmas is probably one of my favorite holidays, except for one glaring problem: the music. It’s not that I don’t like Christmas music. I just don’t enjoy hearing the same songs [...]


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 Happy Black Friday, kids. I’m not much of a Christmas shopper (gift cards are a lot simpler), so I don’t get all worked up about the biggest shopping day in the country. I stopped at a few stores this morning, but mostly because I happened to be awake and I’m not used to seeing large amounts of [...]


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I was having a bad day yesterday. One of those days where it seemed almost everyone I encountered was making a concerted effort to annoy me. By the time I made it home I just wanted to go to bed. Before I went to sleep I decided to check the news just to see if anything worthwhile [...]


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Drunk Scrabble

 It’s  6:04 a.m. The alarm rings and he rolls out of bed. Today is the day Matthew had been waiting for. He would be competing in the Scrabble for Literacy tournament in Chicago, Illinois. It had been 364 days since his last competition. He didn’t fare so well that day and wanted to erase the bad taste [...]


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 As much I love the thrill of playing competitive Scrabble, there is a reason I don’t play in many tournaments. Aside from the fact that Indiana isn’t a Scrabble mecca, there is another reason. As much as I love the competition, I don’t always enjoy the company of my competitors. While most Scrabblers are normal, well-adjusted human beings, there are those [...]


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 When I first started playing competitive scrabble I was a little naïve. I assumed everybody only played words they knew to be acceptable. Scrabble, after all, is a scholarly game It wasn’t long before I found out Scrabble has a dark side: one where people knowingly play words that are no good. One of the frustrating things about tournament [...]


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I like to think of myself as the Drew Brees of Scrabble

 What’s the difference between casual Scrabble and competitive Scrabble? Casual Scrabble is like playing touch football with your friends on the weekend. The goal is to have a good time and enjoy each other’s company. Taking score is optional and hopefully no one takes things too seriously. It’s just a game, after all. Competitive Scrabble is like [...]


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Word Freak this book

 Lots of people have read books that have changed their lives. For some it’s the Bible. For others it’s Mike Sorrentino’s “Here’s the Situation.” The book that has most altered the my life would have to be Word Freak by Stefan Fatsis. Word Freak is the book that introduced me to the world of competitive Scrabble. I’ve [...]


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