The worst part of training for a marathon is waiting for race day. I figured the two week layoff from training and physical activity would be fun. I would lie around the around the house, catch up on some of my favorite shows, and get some much needed sleep. I have managed to get most of those [...]


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  Seven days before the big race. For those following along, this Saturday I’ll be running in the Indianapolis Marathon. Since this will be my first crack at completing a marathon, I’ve been looking for all the tips and advice I can find. From a physical standpoint, I’ve done all the training I can do. I probably [...]


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Week three of the bridge lesson went off without incident: nothing caught fire and no one died. I understood the game a little better but not enough to rid me of the feeling I was wasting my time. Week four proved to be the breaking point. I arrive at my usual time, have my dinner, and wait [...]


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