A few months ago when I wrote about retiring from the fish game, I wash’t completely upfront. I didn’t walk away completely, I merely went into semiretirement. For the past few months I’ve worked part-time serving in a role I like to call “seafood consultant”. I walked in for 8 hours a week, told others what [...]


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I was having lunch with a co-worker the other day when the topic of hobbies came up. I mentioned that i almost never occasionally write a blog about the random adventures that make up my life. He asked if I ever wrote about my adventures in the world of popcorn and i had to admit that i hadn’t. [...]


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“Have you thought about trying to come in 1st place?” I was driving my aunt to the airport a few weeks ago in Cleveland when the topic of Scrabble came up. I mentioned that in my last tournament I’d finished fourth in my division when she asked if I ever thought about take home first prize. I [...]


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“Why are you wearing glasses?” Because they match my shirt I spent the weekend in Cleveland at a family function, when the attention shifted to my non-prescription glasses. As I laid out my explanation, I realized I wouldn’t have to explain the stylish specs to my loyal Gnu Glasses readers. This point was further highlighted today when [...]


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Training Day


Training Day When last we spoke, I was adopting a dog and deciding on a name. I wanted to go with Magneto, but it didn’t seem to fit. I discovered during the exchange that Brownie’s name had previously been Chesney, so I knew I needed to pick something that would stick. Bob Barker and II Chainz were [...]


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Gnu News:3/7


I’ve decided to introduce a weekly feature at GG called Gnu News. Now that I’m completely isolated from my peeps, I need an outlet for the random, not fully blog-worthy happenings in my life.  Sitting down is overrated Until now, I’ve primarily worked in environments that required constant standing. I’ve always aspired to have a gig where I could sit down [...]


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Climb Time


I’m about four days into my very first Indiana Stay-cation and it’s been extremely relaxing. Waking up with nothing to do, reading comic books, and watching random TV shows I’ve DVR’ed unwittingly. In a perfect world, I would be travelling around the city and venturing into the nooks and crannies of Indianapolis that I have yet to [...]


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  “Seafood Managers don’t die…they just smell like they did.” -Manheart I officially retired from the seafood game this past Friday. According to rumors I’m leaving to pursue a career in the bowels of the popcorn fields of Indiana. While that would be quite an opportunity, it’s not entirely accurate. I will be working in the popcorn [...]


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I woke up early this morning with the intent of putting the final touches on a blog about my latest Scrabble adventure while also editing one of my previous works about the world’ s greatest board game. I achieved the latter before I left for work, but decided not to rush the former. Then a funny thing [...]


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It’s been an interesting few weeks at GG. When we last left off, I’d developed a fool proof plan to get my beloved Saints to the Super Bowl. While it worked against the Philadelphia Eagles, the team was unable to overcome the Seattle Seahawks last Saturday. Some naysayers will point to the fact that I switched up [...]


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