Looking for a nice way to spice up your casserole? Apparently you can add cannabis...you're welcome.

Today marks the 3 week countdown until Thanksgiving, also known as Black Friday Eve. I’ve never been a Thanksgiving fan, but I am looking forward to a 4 day weekend. I was talking to a co-worker yesterday about their Turkey Day plans. She’s doing the traditional big feast for her family and I offered her some pretty [...]


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In a little less than two months, my office is moving from the rapidly growing city of Noblesvillle to the rapidly stagnant town of Whitestown. I don’t know much about WT, except that Amazon has a distribution center there and Mcdonald’s is one of the top lunch options. I can’t say I’m excited about the move, but [...]


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I completed in another scrabble tournament this past weekend. While I’d like to report that I came out on top, the truth is I finish in 4th place. In a cruel twist of fate, I was knocked out of second place in the last game of the day when I found myself stuck with the Q and [...]


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  A few months ago when I wrote about retiring from the fish game, I wash’t completely upfront. I didn’t walk away completely, I merely went into semiretirement. For the past few months I’ve worked part-time serving in a role I like to call “seafood consultant”. I walked in for 8 hours a week, told others what [...]


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I was having lunch with a co-worker the other day when the topic of hobbies came up. I mentioned that i almost never occasionally write a blog about the random adventures that make up my life. He asked if I ever wrote about my adventures in the world of popcorn and i had to admit that i hadn’t. [...]


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“Have you thought about trying to come in 1st place?” I was driving my aunt to the airport a few weeks ago in Cleveland when the topic of Scrabble came up. I mentioned that in my last tournament I’d finished fourth in my division when she asked if I ever thought about take home first prize. I [...]


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“Why are you wearing glasses?” Because they match my shirt I spent the weekend in Cleveland at a family function, when the attention shifted to my non-prescription glasses. As I laid out my explanation, I realized I wouldn’t have to explain the stylish specs to my loyal Gnu Glasses readers. This point was further highlighted today when [...]


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Training Day


Training Day When last we spoke, I was adopting a dog and deciding on a name. I wanted to go with Magneto, but it didn’t seem to fit. I discovered during the exchange that Brownie’s name had previously been Chesney, so I knew I needed to pick something that would stick. Bob Barker and II Chainz were [...]


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Gnu News:3/7


I’ve decided to introduce a weekly feature at GG called Gnu News. Now that I’m completely isolated from my peeps, I need an outlet for the random, not fully blog-worthy happenings in my life.  Sitting down is overrated Until now, I’ve primarily worked in environments that required constant standing. I’ve always aspired to have a gig where I could sit down [...]


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Climb Time


I’m about four days into my very first Indiana Stay-cation and it’s been extremely relaxing. Waking up with nothing to do, reading comic books, and watching random TV shows I’ve DVR’ed unwittingly. In a perfect world, I would be travelling around the city and venturing into the nooks and crannies of Indianapolis that I have yet to [...]


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